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Metal O-rings have been developed as a secure sealing of gases or liquids. They even can be used in case of extreme conditions. These static and metallic sealing elements can be applied in vacuum and high pressure application.

The metal O-ring is axially pressed between parallel surfaces, which are arranged at right angles to the flow or to the vessel, as typical application. The sealing is usually placed in an open or closed groove, but can also be installed in a holding device. The working of a groove can be omitted for this reason. The tubing of the seal buckles slightly upon pressing to a predetermined and fixed height. As a result originate two virtual contact widths on the sealing surface and a maximum contact potential between sealing and jointing face. A spring-back effect is obtained, which pursues a positive force, due to the closing of two flanges and the resultant pressing of the O-ring. With the self-energizing performance of metal O-rings, the system pressure increases the sealing force upon the flange facing.


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