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Metal C-ring is based on a metallic “C” substrate, designed to be applied in extreme working conditions. By default, Metal C-Rings for internal Pressure or external Pressure are system pressure energized, they require low bolting load and have good spring back. Due to its special structure and material, Metal C-rings can be used in working conditions such as high temperature, cryogenic, high pressure, high vacuum and other extreme working conditions of static sealing.


The sealing is secured by means of the spring-back of the metal C-rings, as movements inside the flanged joint (in extreme case flange removal) have to be taken into account. The prestress / deformation is approx. a 20% of the ring height. Metal C-rings are available for internal and external pressure or axial thrust. The seal operates self-energizing as the metal C-rings are open towards the thrust face.



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