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Springs are an important part of the aerospace industry. They form the backbone of many components and allow planes, drones, satellites, solar panels, aircraft controls, valves, throttles, and more to function their way. Without the spring, the industry would not be the same. Strict military and aviation guidelines mean that all components of the aircraft, including the springs, must be of the highest quality and precision; they support a wide range of applications and reduce part weight while maintaining the highest performance standards.

This makes springs vital to the aerospace industry. Without springs, we wouldn’t be able to have the essentials of aerospace. For example, retractable tray tables, trunk doors, handrails, stairs and cup holders require springs to function. They help open and close many components that wouldn’t exist without them—and, more importantly, springs are some of the main elements of aircraft landing systems. They are also present in satellite dishes and probes that allow navigation and are critical for ground service teams that need to refuel aircraft. You can find springs basically anywhere in the industry, and their absence means that airplanes as we know them don’t exist 

Springs play a crucial role in

aerospace industries